Friday, September 2, 2011


Today is TFGIF. Guess what that first 'F' stands for.

I'm serious, this was a long week. Maybe it's the fact that my work week started on Sunday? I dunno, but I am OVER THE MOON with happiness that today is Friday. I even was dumb a lot this morning and two minutes late to work and it hasn't dampened my mood. Two other factors that make today fantastic:

1) I forgot to pack diapers in the diaper bag for my mom's house last night, so I snuck into Zoey's room this morning and SHE WAS AWAKE! Bad for Russell, since he inevitably had to get up 45 minutes before necessary in order to feed her (UPDATE: I just got off the phone with him, she let him sleep until 6:30), but it meant that I got to pick her up and twirl her around and shower her with kisses before I left.

2) I stopped at Starbucks before I got dumb and made myself late. I am enjoying the lukewarm dregs of a Caramel Macchiato right this very moment. Actually, they're really not that warm at all, and I am not enjoying them exactly.... They're kinda gross, but Starbucks is expensive so I feel compelled to finish.

Last night was Back to School night for Riley, and I went while Russell stayed home with the kids (which pissed me off. I was told no kids, but there were other kids there). Before the evening officially kicked off, I had the opportunity to speak with Mrs. W. Remember when I had mentioned here that she'd said something about Riley having finished something for her? I assumed it had something to do with the bus, but last night I got the full story. Apparently during the teacher's time with the students on Meet the Teachers day, Mrs. Weigel had started reading the children a book, but was interrupted by a visitor. She asked the kids to hold on a moment and got up to speak to the person waiting for her. When she returned a few moments later, Riley had gotten up and resumed the book reading, and the rest of the class was gathered and listening quietly. He'd gone through three pages while she was up.

My knee-jerk reaction was pride, followed by the fear that maybe she found this annoying rather than charming. I voiced my concerns, and she assured me that she will not let Riley commandeer the classroom and that she adores him. She of course could be lying, but I hope not.

When I got home last night, determined to not somehow botch this great opportunity I have to foster this eager child's love of learning, I made a chart of the different coins and wrote next to them their name, their amount, and what it looked like when written numerically- Quarter, 25 cents, $0.25- and happily went over it all with him. I then excitedly asked him "So if I asked you to give me two coins that equal fifteen cents, what could you give me?" and he boredly mumbled, "I dunno, a penny and a quarter" and looked about the room for something, anything, to distract him from me. Maybe he'd reached his capacity for the day, or maybe he thought he could pay me a bit more to shut me the hell up.

Zoey appears to be amused by Riley's nosepicking.
 Maybe, just maybe, I should lay the heck off and just let him enjoy kindergarten? I think I'll just hang the chart on his bedroom wall in case he's interested. Hopefully he won't just be interested in peeling off the coins and making letters out of them.

Happy FRIDAY!!!!

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