Thursday, September 22, 2011

1337 Games

I swear I don't normally talk in "Leetspeak".

I have grown up surrounded by computers. My dad's a "computer guy", so it's been so much a part of my lifestyle that I simply cannot fathom being without them. As a result of this, I was introduced to computer games fairly young, and was insatiable as far as they were concerned.

Recently, one of my four brothers (the one closest to me in age. I won't name drop unless he wants to be mentioned here and perhaps be famous just by being related to me. Let me know, Nick. OOPS!) recently emailed me and asked if I wanted a copy of several games, including the following:

Day of the Tentacle
Incredible Machines
Sam and Max Hit the Road

You have no idea the nostalgia and GEEKY excitement those titles roused in me. I answered, of course, with a resounding "YES!" (I think followed by the words "RIGHT NOW!") and asked him if he could obtain Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers and Phantasmagoria. He DID, and he even went one step further and got Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. I should've gotten extra greedy and asked for Phantasmagoria 2 and Gabriel Knight 2 and 3- perhaps another time. After all, this is no small feat. These games are old and unable to run on modern platforms without a crap-ton of tweaking, which he is most graciously going to be doing for me tonight.

I mentioned on facebook that I was getting a copy of Phantasmagoria and was surprised at the feedback that came back. I thought I was the only one that had been allowed, as a pre-teen and teenager, to play a video game where the heroine literally has her face ripped in half.

At this point you're likely considering why one would want to play such a game (I would ask you, why WOULDN'T they?) and also probably why someone like me is allowed to have children. You'll be happy to know that you only get your face ripped in half if you lose.

I think. I don't remember.

HOPEFULLY I WILL FIND OUT TONIGHT! Or maybe in the wee hours of tomorrow. I will try to post better screenshots, whether you want them or not. Do you at least want them a little bit? I am not sure how we're friends, honestly, if you don't see how this could potentially be exciting. Okay, I'm sorry I was mean to you just there. You mean a lot to me, Mom. Let's stay friends. Don't leave me.

This is actually the cover of Gabriel Knight 2, but I picked it for its Wholesomeness.

Do you game? What do YOU like to play?


  1. Ah, the good ol computer games. I remember space quest, kings quest, 7th guest and 11th hour. Good times.

  2. I don't remember the Gabriel Knight games, but I feel as though we must have played them, right? I have wonderfully petrifying memories of playing Phantasmagoria in the office of your big scary old house into the wee hours. Ooooh oooh, and that online aol-type system that had games and chat and stuff.