Thursday, September 15, 2011


I don't like a lot of things. I could possibly be considered cynical or disgruntled. My list of pet peeves grows longer every day, and you, my faithful reader (Mom), get to read about it because you're unfortunate enough to hold out hope in this blog containing something worthwhile eventually. What has infuriated me this morning is being behind a car that proclaimed it's model name on the license plate. Why do people do that? We SEE that you're driving a Ford Mustang, you don't need the "MYMSTNG" plates. I love my car just fine, but I wouldn't drive around boasting "MYSNTRA"" on my damned plates when 8 inches to the right, the nice silver lettering clearly reads "Sentra" and it is obviously mine by virtue of my driving it. Do people do this because they don't want their plates to be stolen? Is this a defensive technique? Please, someone "in the know" (Mom?) explain this to me.

I love these plates, for the record. And this person's butt.

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  1. I hate that too. Did you know that Virginia has the most personalized plates of any state? So there are bound to be a lot of dumb ones out there.