Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm like that really bad relative that never calls.

I'm also, for real, that really bad relative that never calls. You should be grateful you're not related to me.

Recently, someone asked me about my blog and after I did a small but no-less-awkward chair dance celebrating the fact that someone missed my blog I pleasantly explained that I basically either have it or I don't. I can't fake cute, I'm afraid. Well, I don't have to fake cute. I am always cute, it's just a matter of who finds me to be that way. Sometimes I am only cute to the devil and that's been pretty much my thing for a while. So I am sorry I neglected you, but rest assured my free time was spent doing amazing things.  Will I tell you what those things were? Sure.

1) I started writing a novel. Those who have known me for forever and then some probably rolled your eyes there and said "Yes, happy Tuesday", but this time I wrote a good bit. Like a hundred and a half of actual USEABLE material. That doesn't count the endless pages I threw out. And I am not done, oh no.

2) I turned thirty.

3) I moved offices.

4) I joined a Zombie Book Club.


6) I lost someone that was close to me.

7) I begin planning a solo road trip halfway across the country.

8) Other crap. Seriously, this list could go on forever. Laundry was done, Aquariums were visited, swingsets were purchased- okay, just one- and you missed it all. I am sure you're very upset about this, but I promise I will try to make it up to you. Starting.................................... tomorrow. This post has gone too far into miscellaneousness to be made into anything good at this point. So instead, let it merely serve as a reminder as to why you should never, ever ask me to blog.

Oh, here's a picture of my kid peeking out from behind her daddy.

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  1. Gosh, I was thinking that you forgot all of us in the blogosphere. I have you saved in my favorites.