Monday, August 15, 2011

Is this what normal people feel like the morning after?

Hi. Did you miss me? What do you mean you didn't notice I was gone? I took the whole three-day weekend OFF from the internet. Well, with the exception of hours of research I did trying to figure out why my home computer keeps crashing. This is a big deal. I mean my break from the internet, though my computer crashing is a close second. You see, if it weren't for the internet, I probably wouldn't have friends. I am really bad at keeping in touch, but I'll be damned if Facebook doesn't make it a crapton easier. Since it's obvious that you've all (I mean you, and you. Thanks for reading) missed me terribly, let me entertain you with a summary of my weekend.

Friday, I finally hauled Riley in to register him for Kindergarten. Zoey, too, but she only wishes that she were being signed up for an opportunity to get away from me. For those who haven't met my son, it is an understatement to say he's not shy. He's also not even the slightest bit intimidated by adults. We walked into the school's office (cute school! The sidewalks are all decorated with illustrations of the school's values, Riley and I had fun on our walk up to the door) and Riley immediately steamrolls those sweet, unsuspecting personnel. He walks in, past the front desk, back into an area that I'm sure is typically reserved for staff, and starts questioning a lady there about what she's doing on her computer. She thought it was hilarious, thankfully. I was a little worried he was going to be banned before I'd even gotten him registered. She offered him a job as her personal assistant, and I practically had to beg him to come out and sit beside me while I filled out forms. I talked him into playing with my phone instead (and found out later he'd started a game of Words with Friends with Russell). Zoey started chanting (ehhhhhhh-UH! ehhhhhhhh-UH!) in a tone that grew progressively louder, until everyone in the office was cracking up and my face was burning. Riley then impressed the ladies by loudly reading everything on the bulletin board in the office for them as I tried to drag him out the door. I get the feeling they might remember him.

It was absolutely lovely outside that afternoon, so the kids and I went out into the backyard to play. Zoey and I set up camp under a tree while Riley played with his "Stomp Rockets" that he'd gotten from Grandma Crossley for his birthday.

You put the styrofoam rocket on the tube and then stomp on that pink thing.
Or, if you're Zee, you eat grass.
I was fortunate enough to capture this heartwarming action shot.
Saturday, we went grocery shopping, then school shopping. Riley had fun picking out a lunch box and backpack, and I even let him help pick out his clothes. He doesn't have bad taste, for a five year old.

Sunday, Russell smoked a chicken and some baby back ribs, and I drank some beer. I think- THINK- I might have my first hangover ever this morning. I've got one of those headaches that saps all your strength. I wasn't even able to get the deadbolt to lock on the door when I left the house, and I had to cut open the package my breakfast was in even though it's perforated for tearing. Pretty lame.

Seriousness coming-

All those things having been said, my heart is heavy today, and probably will be throughout the week. I am remembering three baby boys that left this world far, far too soon, and am so heartbroken for their families. Please take the time to appreciate your families a little extra today, and if you pray, try to remember to ask for peace for those who have holes in their hearts that can never be filled. All my love to those who have felt the pain of losing a child, particularly to the Cortez and Rivers families this week. My thoughts are with you and your sweet baby boys.

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